The Green Deal which has been announced by our new Coalition Government does deserve a chance to succeed.

For those who missed the announcement, the Government aims to encourage the mass adoption of heat insulation measures, such as cavity wall and loft insulation, with the introduction of a ‘pay as you save’ scheme which will allow homeowners to repay the initial cost through a charge on a home’s energy meter offset by the savings made on fuel bills.

As part of the scheme, home insulation will be bought through high street retailers and supermarkets and homes will require energy audits.  Banks have been lined up to provide finance packages.  Personally, I’m still struggling with the idea of buying insulation along with my shopping or a pair of trousers, but you never know it might work.

Anyway, I think everyone in the heating industry will welcome this idea in principle, but my concern is that the Green Deal is something of a one-trick pony, only implementing half of a solution.  The other half of this equation is, of course, the decommissioning of the four million Band ‘G’ boilers and 11-12 million non-condensing boilers which are still in operation.

There is also a wider issue here.  Does this initiative signal a fundamental change in energy policy away from heat generation and towards heat insulation?  Only time will tell, but we have already lost the Low Carbon Building Programme and there is a deafening silence from Westminster on the future of the Renewable Heat Incentive.

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Attributed by: Neil Schofield, head of sustainable development at Worcester, Bosch Group.

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