E2020 winners – why they are leading the way in Britain


Steve Lister, Director of Sales

Worcester’s Environment 2020 awards continue to represent an ideal opportunity for installers to demonstrate just how committed they are to promoting awareness of energy efficiency within the heating industry. Here at Worcester, we’re proud to be able to dedicate such a great event to those who are making a difference within the industry.

In recent years, we’ve seen just how keen the Government is to reinforce the reality that climate change is a matter for all of us to consider. The reality is, climate change has huge implications – not least in and around the home.

Housebuilders have been set the target of incorporating 20% renewable technologies in their homes, whilst the government has also set targets to reduce energy usage across the board by 20% – providing an ideal opportunity to encourage an uptake in renewables as we strive for a greener Britain.

Homeowners, installers and housebuilders alike have become increasingly aware of the ‘green’ technology available, and many have demonstrated their dedication to this cause by completing some impressively innovative installations. The amount of installers attending Worcester’s training courses is testament to how many want to stay ahead of the game.

The Environment 2020 awards are a celebration of many of those environmentally mindful projects. We decided to extend the awards for a further 10 years back in 2008, and this has certainly paid off as homeowners and installers have continued to meet the challenge of government targets head on with ever more inspiring schemes.

For a look at this years’ winners and their projects visit Worcester’s website.

I am sure that the next 12 months will see more award winning homes that raise the bar as they save energy and lead the way for Britain’s heating industry.

By Steve Lister, Director of Sales, Worcester, Bosch Group

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