Thank Worcester for That

Heating is often something we don’t think about until we really need it – and as the weather has already started to turn chilly, we all expect to be able to just flick the heating on.

As the leading manufacturer of boilers in the UK, Worcester has just launched a brand new £1.5 million advertising campaign showing just how much we rely on our heating and hot water systems to keep us warm and comfortable – often without even thinking about it – and how and why we should be looking after it and where important money and energy savings can be made.

The ‘Thank Worcester for That’ campaign will be appearing on our screens, over the airwaves and in national press right through the winter, ending in December 2010. For a sneak preview simply visit or see below.

Each part of the campaign shows a range of people in everyday situations enjoying a feeling of comfort – all with the peace of mind that they have Worcester products, such as its A-rated energy-efficient Greenstar boilers, installed in their home providing all of the hot water and heating they need, when they need it.

The first in the series of endearing ‘Thank Worcester for that’ 30 second TV adverts can be seen across the UK from the beginning of October.  The same messages will also be seen across national press and radio for the next three months for maximum impact.

Giving its own take on surviving a cold winter, Worcester is also sponsoring the new series of Ray Mear’s Wild Britain on ITV1, which airs on 11th October. The lead in and lead out clips show real installers offering their essential hints and tips on saving energy and making sure your heating system remains as efficient, effective and hassle free as the winter weather sets in.

No one wants to arrive home to a cold house or to find their water has not heated up, and for the millions of homes with boilers that are over 15 years old and this is the time the faults show.

Although it is possible to repair an older boiler over 15 years old when you consider it could be less than 70% efficient, it could actually be wasting more than 30 pence in every pound. In comparison, a Greenstar boiler is over 90% efficient – so the savings soon add up in terms of money and energy. In some cases the question is simply can you afford not to make a change?

With this new campaign we hope we can make keeping warm this winter a breeze and, for those who do decide to make the change to a newer system, Worcester will be the first name they think of to help them out.

By Sue Pennington, consumer brand manager at Worcester, Bosch Group

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One Response to Thank Worcester for That

  1. Neil Bumford says:

    Great post, thank you.
    I love the advert and it is great that the central heating industry is communicating with the home owner in such a high profile way.
    Check out our blog post discussing boiler manufacturers targeting the end user

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