From Boilers to Building Blocks

Children in Tanzania

Steve Lister, sales director at Worcester, Bosch Group, is taking off on a plane tomorrow to start a completely different adventure, for 9 days…

Taking Worcester’s eco credentials to the African Climes of Tanzania, Steve will be part of a working group that will build and renovate a schoolroom kitchen and toilets in a primary school in Lotima. In conjunction with Childreach International, and as part of Worcester’s corporate social responsibility initiative, Steve will be getting his hands dirty so that the children in Lotima, Tanzania can have a better life.

At present the current buildings are so dangerous and unhygienic that parents are actually preventing their children from attending. It is hoped, with the help of Steve and the rest of the volunteers, that the kids will return to the school and it will once again be the safe place it is supposed to be.

Education in Tanzania is vitally important, not just for literacy, but also to protect children from common diseases such as diarrhoea, infections, cholera and also to make the school a safe and attractive place for children to go.

To follow Steve’s progress please click Or, in the meantime, if you would like to make a donation please visit:

We wish Steve the best of luck and look forward to reporting on his travels when he returns!

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