Greeenstar Ri condensing boilerAs the cold weather sets in and you find yourself reaching for that extra jumper or blanket on the sofa, maybe it is the right time to start thinking about your boiler?

As the product that most fail to check-up on until it is too late, giving your boiler a health check can go a long way in making sure you never feel the cold this winter. What’s more, by replacing your boiler you can let yourself in for some fantastic savings; with one of Worcester’s high efficiency Greenstar boilers.

In fact, an old inefficient boiler that is perhaps 15 years or older may only be 60% efficient, which means that for every pound a huge 40 pence is being wasted. So as much as £235 could actually be escaping through your flue the past year – a standing pilot light alone could cost an extra £50-60 alone just to keep going!

Martyn Bridges, Director of Technical Support at Worcester, Bosch Group comments:

“Even if your boiler is not that old, it is important it has an annual inspection from a qualified engineer, to make sure it is running at its most efficient. Indeed a regular check-up will keep your boiler running for longer and prevent any costly repairs that can often build-up.

“With fuel bills increasing year on year, maintaining your heating system has never been a sounder investment. As well as reducing your energy bills you also have the peace of mind that you are also reducing your household’s impact on the environment. “

If your boiler is past it’s ‘sell by date’ all is not lost though. By updating your boiler to an ‘A’ rated condensing boiler, such as Worcester’s Greenstar range of gas and oil-fired condensing boilers, you could make your system 90% efficient. Which in monetary terms means a saving of £235* (EST) and over a tone of CO² each year.

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