The Countdown to the Chelsea Flower Show begins

As we start the build of Worcester’s Urban Garden on site today, things are really on the move here.  The slate circle that will seem to effortlessly hover above the surface of the water is actually resting on a very complicated bed of galvanized metal.  It would have been fairly straight forward except the gravity defying benches which I have designed to ‘rear’ up from the horizontal slabs showing the water beneath – inspired by the New York Highline – means no steel can easily run through it.

We have now ended up with something that boys who used to play with Mechano would definitely recognize.  Having been transported to Coventry where the slate was cut by water jets into a circle of planks, I am keeping my fingers crossed that everything fits perfectly together to be packed into the lorry and make its way to me at Chelsea.

I’ve also found something nice to put in the very large planter which is the FIRE element of the garden……..

Large planters will house the 'fire' elements

I have tagged 2 large red Acers for the fire pot and also some Albitzia ‘Chocolate Summer’.  This was a new plant to me but I have been tripping over it in catalogues and papers fairly constantly since I got back from my trip to Italy where I found them  – I thought I had found something unusual but turns out it is one of this summer’s must haves.

Both plants have lovely deep red leaves which should catch the sun if it shines and look as if they are on fire.  Around the base I will have the black leaves of the ornamental elder and black strap grass to look like coal.  The planting has really coming together now, am hoping there are no nasty shocks when I we start to build the garden at the show.  Having moaned about the cold winter we now have the unusually warm spring speeding everything up giving Dave (see blog 1) so it could be a bit of a juggling act with some plants!

Olivia Kirk, from KKE Architects, is the garden designer for Worcester’s Urban Garden which will be on display at the show.

This year’s Chelsea Flower Show is now sold out but it is still possible to win a pair of tickets on Worcester’s website. The competition closes on 17th May 2011.

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One Response to The Countdown to the Chelsea Flower Show begins

  1. Paul says:

    Didn’t realize how prepared you needed to be for this. Good luck though on the 24th !

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