Worcester, Bosch Group has joined forces with the Scout Association to encourage Cub Scouts to think and act ‘green’, by helping to set the latest Global Challenge Award badge. Now 19 members of 1stDroitwich Cubs have risen to the challenge and scooped this eco accolade – and to mark the achievement were presented with their badges by the Mayor of Droitwich, at a special event at the company’s headquarters in Worcester.

1st Droitwich Cub Scouts with Cllr Lynne Duffy, Bobby the boiler, Trevor Griffiths, Sue Pennington and Louise Jackson

Following the eco theme, the Droitwich Cub Scouts and younger Beaver Group, also took a tour of Worcester’s factory to see the energy-saving boiler and renewable heating technology being put into action and the latest products coming off the production line. They were also amongst the first to try out the company’s newly refurbished energy-efficient showroom area, which includes a state-of-the-art thermal imaging camera to show just where heat is escaping.

 Worcester’s Global Challenge Award badge is one of six that Cub Scouts have to achieve the highest Cub accolade – a Silver Award. On completing this Challenge badge, three of the Cubs had reached this target and the Mayor of Droitwich, Cllr Mrs Lynne Duffy, was proud to present each of the trio with their award. The Mayor also presented three young Beavers with the Bronze Award; again this is the highest they can aim for at their Scouting level and is a real accomplishment.

The Global Challenge Award badge is open to Cubs across the country, helping them to consider easy and fun ways they can protect the environment at home and on a wider scale. Those taking part have to tackle four different sections of the challenge badge, looking at topics from energy and water saving through to recycling – and proves that being energy-aware can start at any age.

To guide Cub Scouts through each section of the badge Worcester has created an accompanying activity pack which sets interesting and practical challenges along the way and giving clear information, so those taking part can see for themselves how easy it can be to reduce their impact on the planet.

Energy-efficiency is something that is close to our hearts at Worcester and part of all of the products we make. As with many things in life, it is all well and good for people to talk about saving energy but it is really the actions you take in your daily life which will make a difference. The fact that this ‘doing’ part that is so crucial to changing minds and opinions is why Worcester wanted to get involved with the Cub Scouts and this particular challenge badge. Simply turning off lights, not leaving electrical items on standby and thinking about how much water you are using is great behaviour to start at a young age, and we are thrilled to meet the Cubs who have taken on the challenge and to present them with their award.

We hope others will enjoy working their way through the experiments, word searches and internet tasks and have fun thinking eco too.

To find out more about Worcester’s Global Challenge Award badge and how keen Cub Scout groups can get involved or download the activity pack visit www.scouts.org.uk/bosch or visit www.worcester-bosch.co.uk 

Sue Pennington, consumer brand manager at Worcester, Bosch Group.

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