It is a busy year for us this year as we prepare to celebrate our golden anniversary in 2012. We have kicked off the start of our activities this week with a national golden ticket competition, with the help of Bobby the Boiler of course!

Five Worcester boilers, which were selected at random on 1st February 2012, have had a special golden ticket popped inside the casing. They have then been distributed to any one of our stockists across the UK – so you could very well be the lucky one!

The five prizes will be claimed when an installer comes to fit the new boiler and discovers the golden ticket that’s been hidden inside and of course spots the specially created gold casing. The lucky five customers can claim £1,000 towards the cost of their boiler installation plus a five year manufacturer’s guarantee and free servicing for the lifetime of the boiler (which can either be carried out by the installation engineer or by us at Worcester.)

The 50th Anniversary is such an important milestone for Worcester and we want to involve everyone in the celebrations this year. The golden ticket competition is sure to be eventful as we really have no idea where the five special boilers will be delivered to or how long it will be until we have each winner identified. Anyone who is looking to replace their current boiler this year is in with a chance of winning this fantastic prize.

This is the start of an exciting year of activity here at Worcester HQ, we have various employee, trade and consumer celebrations planned to highlight the company’s 50 year heritage, so watch this space for further information or visit our commemorative microsite – www.50yearsofwarmth.co.uk  

Carl Arntzen, managing director

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