50 miles for 50 years

As you may well know, this year at Worcester, Bosch Group we’re celebrating our 50th anniversary. We have planned a host of exciting activities hoping to raise money for local charities as well as celebrate our coming of age in style.

Never let it be said that here at Worcester we won’t accept a tricky challenge, myself and Shaun Mansbridge are no exception. As part of the latest fundraising antics we are going to take on the gruelling challenge of completing the Malvern Ultra, on 5th May aiming to raise £5,050 for St Richard’s Hospice.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, the Malvern Ultra is a 53 mile endurance run and that Shaun and I have already started a rigorous training routine for, so over the next few weeks we thought we would share with you what we’re enduring in the process.

So, if you don’t fancy joining us in training we hope that you enjoy reading it.

In training:

Slowly we have begun to up the mileage each week and are now probably running between 50 to 55 miles per week.

With 5.00am starts during the week we get up before work and pound the lanes near home to get in as much mileage as possible.

Every Sunday morning we are getting together for a training session, and running parts of the route that we will cover, at the moment we’re doing anywhere in between 20 to 25 miles each time which is taking us approximately 4 hours.

The hardest training session so far was the other Sunday, when we met at Knightwick at 8am, ran onto the Worcestershire Way and then followed the route all the way up to the Beacon on top of the Malverns.

The weather wasn’t on our side that week and we set off in heavy rain, which seemingly got worse as we ran and it in fact turned into snow as we reached Malvern. When we got to the Beacon at the top, I have to say it was a blizzard – heavy wind and the snow was almost horizontal – we could hardly see where we were going. It was absolutely freezing and didn’t make the experience any easier!

As you can imagine, a few choice words were exchanged that Sunday and we both wondered what the we had got ourselves into – still can’t do too much for a good cause and (now it is officially Spring) fingers crossed we won’t have to contend with any more blizzards!

Money can be donated at: www.justgiving.com/50years50miles

Carl Arntzen, managing director

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