The importance of cleansing (your heating system!)

Here at Worcester, it’s in our nature that we are always looking at new and exciting ways to help our customers.

As market leaders we take great pride in the products that we sell and customer service that we offer. Not only have we been one of the top 50 call centres in the UK for the past three years, every single one of our boilers in the Greenstar gas fired condensing range has been awarded a Which? Best Buy accreditation; something we’re very proud of.

However, we always want to do more so as part of an internal initiative, we wanted to try and reduce boiler failures through helping our homeowner customers understand how to look after their boiler and what to look out for.

Knowing that time is precious, and how many of us rely on our smart phones, it seemed only logical that we create a short video on this topic, which we have uploaded to our website and YouTube channel.

Our video shows you the importance of having your system cleansed – it’s not just another sale for an installer, it’s a really important part of the process. Whether it is as part of a new or replacement installation – system cleansing is vital to a healthy and happy boiler.

All our self-help videos whether they are on our website or YouTube have always received such positive feedback, we hope that this video is another invaluable piece of information from us at Worcester that will really help you at home.

Take a look at our new video here:

Consumer brand manager,

Sue Pennington

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