4 ways to winterproof your home

As we start to prepare our Christmas wish-lists, the last thing you are likely to want to budget for is costly home repairs or increased insurance premiums caused by the cold weather. By carrying out these few simple checks you can make sure your house is ready for winter.

The best way, of course, is prevention not cure. By that we mean double checking heating pipes for cracks, having your boiler serviced and ensuring your heating system is well maintained. Planning ahead will also help you save money.

  1. First things first, get your boiler serviced. Servicing your boiler has the same benefits as getting your car MOT’d. As well as saving money in the long run, you’ll have peace of mind that your boiler is working safely and unlikely to breakdown during the winter months. Book a service and get one of our accredited technicians to give it a health check it for you.
  1. Once you’ve got your boiler sorted, check that your house is properly insulated. Even if your home is warm and cosy, it may still be losing valuable heat out of the roof or windows – and lost heat can also mean lost money. Did you know that by insulating your loft between 100mm and 270mm, you can save up to £175 per year [Energy Saving Trust]?  In addition, have a look for any draughts as this will indicate if there are gaps in your property which are letting cold air in and warm air out. Fitting draught excluders around the joins of windows and doors is low cost and will help save money on set1-installer0046byour fuel bills by keeping your house better insulated.
  1. Water pipes can often freeze or burst during the winter months so we advise you check as much of your pipework as you can, particularly in unheated areas like out-houses or the loft. If you notice any cracks or distortions call out your local heating engineer. Worcester has also just launched a product called CondenseSure which can be used to prevent boiler condensate pipes freezing. Speak to your installer about the benefits of fitting one ready for the cold months ahead.
  1. And finally, make sure your heating system is working to its best ability by checking all your radiators. If the top of your radiator feels cooler than the bottom, you may need to bleed it and remove any trapped air. Make sure you protect the surrounding area with a sheet, or similar, and release the air from the radiator, a small amount of water may be released so catch it in a cloth or some paper towels. When you next heat the radiator you should find it heats more quickly and evenly.

If you want more advice on heating your home check out our help videos and make sure your home is ready for winter.

Sue Pennington, Consumer Brand Manager

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One Response to 4 ways to winterproof your home

  1. “The best way, of course, is prevention not cure.” suprising how many calls I get this time of year, even though I preach this advise over and over. But hey, I’m not complaining!

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