We’ve launched the CDi Compact – Perfect for limited space

We’re really excited to announce the launch of our Greenstar CDi Compact boiler, the latest edition to our award-winning Greenstar range. Revolutionary in both its design and capability, the Greenstar CDi Compact is set to be the first in a new generation of Greenstar boilers. Expertly designed and manufactured using the latest cutting edge technology, this new boiler is significantly smaller, whilst being more efficient and providing a higher performance.

Using valuable feedback from customers and installers we designed the CDi Compact to be, of course, compact, as well as easy to install and extremely energy efficient. With over two million of our Greenstar boiler range installed across the UK, we hope that the new CDi Compact gives those with less space access to the range as well.

What are the main features of the Greenstar CDi Compact?

* The dimensions are just 690 mm x 390 mm x 280 mm

* It is available in variety of outputs ranging from 28kW, 32kW and 36kW

* It is energy efficient, using less than 1W of electricity when in standby mode

* It offers cleaner combustion [factory set Class 5 NOx Levels below 40mg/kWh]

* It will fit neatly into a standard kitchen cupboard

For more information including an installation gallery and a technical data table click here http://www.cdi-revolution.co.uk

Or get in-touch with our contact centre on 0844 892 3366 to find out if the Greenstar CDi Compact is the boiler for you.

If you’re currently using the Greenstar CDi Compact we’d love to hear your feedback, join the conversation on twitter @HeatingYourHome or email us marketing@uk.bosch.com

Sue Pennington, Consumer Brand Manager at Worcester; Bosch Group.

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