What to know about the Green Deal

On Monday 28th January the Government finally launched the Green Deal or the ‘Green deal with it’ campaign which aims to improve the energy efficiency of UK homes and commercial buildings. Our head of sustainable development Neil Schofield was at the House of Commons for the launch and commented;

“The Green Deal highlights the Government’s commitment to offering a sensible solution for UK homeowners to increase the efficiency of their homes and reduce fuel bills.

At the moment many homeowners are wasting money running inefficient boilers in poorly insulated homes and the Green Deal will effectively help address this.”

Green Deal image









The Green Deal is essentially a framework enabling accredited Green Deal providers to offer consumers energy efficiency improvements at no upfront cost, and then payments can be reclaimed through a small charge added onto their electricity bills. Improvements should help consumers reduce their immediate energy outgoings; meaning with repayment charges added, bills should never be greater than they were originally.

The Green Deal provides benefits to the environment as well as to the consumer and installer. The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) have created a number of incentives in order to attract as many consumers as possible. As well as introducing the long term loan payback plan consumers are also being offered cash-back incentives, how much is dependent on the works carried out. Additionally the DECC will pay £270 (gas boiler) £330 (oil boiler) to consumers who update the existing boiler with an energy saving condensing boiler.

These incentive schemes provide a solid foundation to ensure that volumes of UK home owners opt to have works carried out which will create increased job opportunities for installers. Worcester will support installers wishing to become Green Deal accredited and we will be providing more information on professional development courses that will be offered. We welcome the Green Deal, now we have got to make it work for all.

To find out more about the Green Deal visit www.decc.gov.uk or click here http://www.worcester-bosch.co.uk to head to the Worcester, Bosch Group website.

Sue Pennington, Consumer Brand Manager at Worcester; Bosch Group.

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