Official Statement on Customer Installation Data.

Having been contacted by a number of installers who have raised concerns relating to claims made by ‘A Concerned Installer’, we wanted to take the opportunity to make our stance on the matter clear.

Emails sent to a number of boiler installers on 5th and 23rd April 2013 by an individual or individuals calling themselves “A Concerned Installer” have been brought to our attention.  Given that the content of these emails was both false and defamatory, we have taken legal advice on the matter and have been attempting to agree a statement for the (currently anonymous) party to release.

It is clear that the emails have caused considerable concern to recipients of them and are damaging our reputation and business.  We have decided to publish this statement to confirm our position.

As far as the emails refer to Bosch Thermotechnology Limited (trading as Worcester and Worcester Bosch), the content is wholly untrue.

We do ask installers and/or their customers to provide the installation and customer data to us. This data is used to activate the end user’s manufacturer’s guarantee and to conduct repairs under the terms of that guarantee.  It also ensures that in the unlikely event a product safety matter is identified with their boiler, we can contact them to make them aware of the situation and what needs to be done to remedy it.

We do not target installers’ customers to sell them maintenance plans.  If a customer makes direct contact with us and asks to know what plans we offer, then they are informed of the products available to them.  Only if a plan is purchased, is that data passed to Domestic and General to administer the plan.

We do not pass data from boilers installed by third parties to Domestic and General or anyone else in order to sell, promote or facilitate a service scheme.

We are unable to comment on the practices of other manufacturers.

In summary, the emails sent by “A Concerned Installer” could not be further from the truth. We are first and foremost a manufacturer of both domestic and commercial heating products all sold through the distribution chain to installers. We see great value in the relationship between end-users and installers, and have no intention in trying to change this very successful situation.

Thank you for your attention.

Martyn Bridges

Director of marketing and technical support

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