I Wish I Lived in Amarillo

At this time of year when it’s dark, cold, and summer seems a long way away, it’s easy to see the impact of our work to make sure everyone enjoys a nice warm home.

So here at Worcester HQ we decided to create something for all of our customers, installers and staff to brighten up the gloomy days and help bring that warm feeling to everyone.

The making of this new-take on this classic video was a team approach but particular recognition should be given to Jon Armstrong in Engineering Services who “adapted” the original lyrics of the song to incorporate the theme of heating your home with a Worcester product and in essence, dealing with the Worcester team.

With a little help from Craig Barnes in Engineering Department taking lead vocals, backing vocals from a number of ladies from the office. (Jenny Cranston, Sue Harris,  Sue Todd , Shirley Vizor and yours truly!), we hope we have reflected the warm and approachable atmosphere that makes Worcester, Bosch Group  such a great place to work, and an even better brand.

Featuring alongside our sales and marketing director Steve Lister as the star of the video, are hundreds of staff at Worcester HQ and also the external sales team so if you know someone who works with us be sure to keep your eye out!

We hope you enjoy our singing and dancing efforts (which came to some more easily than others!) so let us know what you think and join the discussion @HeatingYourHome #AmarilloWB

Sue Pennington, Consumer Brand Manager at Worcester,  Bosch Group.


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