#InstallerASK – What does the future hold for gas-fired boilers?

Last week our director of marketing and technical support, Martyn Bridges, took part in the latest Installer Magazine Twitter Q&A. The live session was held for an hour and called out for installers to post their questions on the future of gas-fired boilers.

The topic received a raft of questions from installers before, during and after the Q&A, these are below as a handy FAQ for those interested in the topic.

Following the success of this event we’re likely to host another live session on Twitter to discuss topics of interest within the industry. We welcome your suggestions on future topics at sue.pennington@worcester-bosch.co.uk or tweet us at @HeatingYourHome.
















[Martyn Bridges replying to questions during the Q&A]


  1. Should the Government re-introduce the boiler scrappage scheme?

Question 1












2. How much impact will rising gas prices have on the future market for gas-fired boilers?

Question 2




3. Should more be done to make boiler servicing mandatory?

Question 3






4. Why change a reliable inefficient unit with an new efficient yet expensive and disposable one?

Question 4










5. Why do you not put a warranty card in with the 30si?

Question 5






6. Will the green light on fracking effect the boiler market in any way? If so, how?

Question 6






7. Do you think the industry needs the domestic RHI, or can we survive without it?

Question 7






8. Are we going to stop using gas altogether in the near future and if so, what will replace it?

Question 8






9. When will shale be on stream in the UK market? Will it then slow the renewables market?

Question 9






For more information on Worcester products head to www.worcester-bosch.co.uk

Sue Pennington, Consumer Brand Manager.

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