A Piece of Worcester History is Found

One of our employees recently had an exciting discovery whilst checking out his friends newly bought house when his first port of call was to obviously size up the boiler.

Worcester Boiler

Upon his investigation, our Consumer Brand Management Executive, Rob Catmull, found a Worcester 240 Combi boiler – a boiler that was first made back in 1992 – meaning the boiler is actually older than its new owner who is 21 years old.

Ryan Lawlor and his brother, Joe from Gloucester, recently bought the house together as their first renovation project where they plan to redecorate the entire property. The boiler is still in perfect running order so will not be replaced and will hopefully have many more years keeping its new owners warm and cosy.

Worcester Boiler

The boiler model is featured in the Worcester ‘History of Boilers’ display which allows visitors to see five decades worth of product development. The oldest of the range is a Firefly oil-fired boiler from the 1960s.


Rob Catmull commented: “Being the boiler geek that I am, I was very interested to see what boiler Ryan and Joe had installed in their new home. I was shocked to find a Worcester 240 and couldn’t believe the good condition it was in still. I was quite amused that the boiler is in our oldest boiler display!”

For more information about Worcester, Bosch Group please click here www.worcester-bosch.co.uk

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